Since its inception, Periphery has embraced the work of the artistic and creative; that almost goes without saying. But we also welcome the work of the curious and the inquisitive. We welcome work that is challenging and raw; we embrace the unconventional. We welcome work that makes us feel deeply and wonder beyond that which we can see. We welcome work that inspires.

We recognize that the creative process does not exist without confronting the full spectrum of human emotion.

We thank you for sharing your process with us.

I’m indebted to our advisor, Megan Brown, my friend and mentor, Maria Hanson, and the Board of Student Communications. I am also endlessly grateful for my talented staff: our art director, Rachael Kreski, without whom I would be utterly lost and whose patience and dedication to the journal know no bounds; her tireless apprentice, Justin Atterberg; and my thoughtful and outrageously funny editorial team, Anie Salgado, Sarah Mondello, Sarai Bak, and Jake Leiberton.


Hanna Howard

Editor-in-Chief, Edition No. 53